Probably not Fair Rather Than Provably Fair?

Your online cryptocurrency enabled luck dice gaming site; having a very low house edge of 1%, a minimum deposit of only 1 Satoshi, with 63 coins to choose from, and a well evolved community of users. What is more, Luckygames is one of the few gaming site with a token, the lucky-token, scheduled to hit the market very soon.

With over 63 cryptocurrencies allowed at the time of this review, Luckygames might not be your usual online gambling site, but it is certainly what online gaming would look like in the nearest future. Also, on its plan is the launch of her token which will be used for gaming and other transactional activities on the site.

Luckygames came in with a whole different spin to gaming, with games like balls, dice, hacker, cell, and roulette.

Luckygames in a nutshell

Having a house edge of 1% and a minimum deposit of one Satoshi, players of all budgets are sure to give it a shot at gaming, while having fun. What is more, Luckygames is one of the few online casinos that have its token, which can only be used at the moment to trade within Luckygames. However, plans are made to take the coin to the exchange.

Visit website layout

Having similar coloration to conventional online casinos this sites layout, is a dark background, with text colors and tabs ranging from light gray, brilliant blue, red, and yellow, which makes the pages come alive. What is more, the night tab at the header of the site allows users to switch the background color of the site to white and the primary text color changes from a gray text to black text. Also, the interface is pretty crowded with several features, some of which includes tabs to pages like, provable fair, affiliate, contest, forum, stats, and several others.

While the site’s interface may look cluttered, at first sight, you are sure to find a tab that stands just a click away to the service or page you desire.

LuckyGames bonuses

For first time visitors, there is a giveaway of 500 lucky-token for the first day, and it increases to 600 on the second day, 700 on the third, 850 on the fourth, and finally, 1000 lucky-token on the fifth day. With these tokens, players can game and shop at the luckygames’ store. What is more, once the token begins to trade on exchanges, players can convert their tokens for other currencies on the said exchange. Also, there are faucets, although this reserved for VIP players.

There is also a reward for reporting the presence of bugs as well as a treat to the security and functionality of the site. Furthermore, there are also high paying contest that is randomly announced on the platform every now and then.

Luckygames deposit and withdrawal

Like we earlier pointed, only cryptocurrency transactions are allowed, with over 63 cryptocurrencies and an embedded exchange for players to switch between coins. This exclusivity with cryptocurrency allows users from all parts of the world to Luckygames. Even players from the USA where there are strict laws regarding online casinos are allowed to game at Luckygames. Withdrawals are direct to the user’s wallet address, and they do not take time, which is also the same for deposits.


LuckyGames software and casino games

Their game list consists of very few but unique games you won’t find anywhere, since they are developed by the Luckygames development team. Here is a quick run-through across its list of 5 games, which includes dice, roulette, balls, hackers, and cells.

Dice: with this game a player is required to choose a number from within 1 to 98, and also a prediction direction which could be above or beneath the selected number. After this, the dice is cast randomly, and if the resulting number falls within the predicted range, then you have a winner.

Balls: having great graphics and similar to the dice game, a player chooses one out of the row of 8 balls, after which a random mix of the balls is done; if the ball falls as the selected ball of the player, then we’ve got ourselves a winner.

Hackers: this is one unique standoffish game. It involves the player taking a hacker’s role, the player is supposed to choose a website within 1 to 38 that are displayed, which represents websites to be hacked in a row.

Cells: this is a multiple player game that several users can play at the same time on the same grid. With a possibility to win back five times your wagered amount. It involves 156 cells, and each round is generated with a specific number of random rewards. Also, a new round starts if a minimum of 78 cells has been opened.

Roulette: this shares the same rules with every other roulette game out there.

However, to clear every doubt regarding the transparency of game outcomes, with provably fair system, gaming outcomes can be trustly validated. This software employs a hashing function, similar to what is used in the Bitcoin’s blockchain, to validate transactions in real-time.

Luckygames customer support

The support out there is very responsiveness and replies come in within 5 minutes of a complaint. Also, there is a chat room and forum for interactions among members, with latest happenings and news on the platform as well as providing advice on issues regarding the platform. Finally, their FAQ section is well evolved to suit a vast horizon of problems in the site.

Luckygames mobile platform

Highly mobile friendly and well adapted for mobile and P.C devices. With just a click, users can switch between preferred interfaces regardless of your device. What is more, the mobile version is very responsive, packed full but yet, organized and resourceful, with the tabs just hanging in place from the header, side, and footer menus. safety & security

Equipped with great firewalls and SSL security, every transactional data sent between bettors and servers associated with the site are digitally encrypted, which makes it impossible for malicious involvement from any third-party.

Also, there is the option for two-factor authentication, and users are also advised to use strong passwords to help reinforce the access to a player’s dashboard.